Wiesbaden´s Kurpark becomes an opera stage

July 7th 2023: Wiesbaden Kurpark becomes Opera stage/Foto: Ansgar Klostermann

Bellini, Donizetti, Puccini and of course Verdi! The Orchestra e Coro Sinfonica di Milano under the direction of Claus Peter Flor, the Coro Sinfonica di Milano under the musical direction of Romano Gandolfi, the soprano Carmela Remigio and the tenor Davide Giusti made the evening an enjoyable experience. It was an atmospheric evening at the opera in a perfect setting, in the Kurpark in Wiesbaden.

Many famous composers were drawn to Milan. They not only found inspiration there, but also fertile ground for their works. Above all, opera enjoyed great popularity from the 18th century. To this day, the city and its opera house, La Scala, are synonymous with top-class Italian opera. The enthusiasm for large opera choirs and Italian operas has not only spilled over to Germany, it prevails worldwide. From tender romance to rapturous melodies to powerful cheering choirs, there was something for everyone on the evening of July 7, 2023 in Wiesbaden. Two of the most sought-after ensembles in Italy have transformed Wiesbaden’s Kurpark into an opera stage.

There was the overture from Vincenzo Bellini’s “Norma”, by Donizetti “Una furtiva lagrima” from Lélisir d’amore” and by Verdi from Don Carlos “Spuntano ecco il di d’esultanza” from Othello’s “Fuoco di gioia and Ballabili, from “La Traviata” Noi siamo zingarelle and Parigi, o caram noi lasceremo, from “Macbeth” Patria oppressa and what could not be missing: “Va’pensiero” (Pull thought…) the chorus of the prisoners from “Nabucco”!

The Orchestra e Coro Sinfonica di Milano conducted by Claus Peter Flor, the Coro Sinfonica di Milano conducted by Romano Gandolfi, the soprano Carmela Remigio and the tenor Davide Giusti/Photo: Ansgar Klostermann.

After the break came arias from the operas of Puccini and Verdi. From Puccini’s “Turandot” “Perché farda la luna?”, “Tu che di gel sei cinta” and “Nessun dorma”. The humming choir is full of atmosphere: “Coro a bacco chiusa” and the intermezzo from act II of “Madame Butterfly”. Then came the arias “Che gelida manial”, “Si, mi chiamano Mimi” and “O soave faniciulla” from “Boheme”.

Finally there was the “Gran Finale” from the second act of “Aida”.

Much applause for Carmela Remigio, soprano, and Davide Giusti, tenor at the opera gala on July 7, 2023 in the Kurpark in Wiesbaden/ Photo: Ansgar Klostermann.

The performances of the interpreters, the soprano Carmelia Remigio and the tenor Davide Giusti, were convincing and were honored with great applause, Davide Giusti received a very special one for the arias from Turandot.

Johanna Wenninger-Muhr

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