Now set the right course

Leaders from the aviation, politics and business sectors, as well as 200 interested in the industry, met on the Aviation Event 2017 at the HOLM (House of Logistics and Mobility) at Frankfurt Airport / Photo: Patrick Kuschfeld
This year’s Aviation Event again brought together executives from the aviation, politics and business sectors as well as 200 interested members of the industry at the HOLM (House of Logistics and Mobility) at Frankfurt Airport to discuss future issues. The ninth event of the Aviation Event series was under the motto “take-off or touchdown: what is the magic formula for success in the aviation industry?”.
In any case, it means: “Now set the right course”. The increasing role of drones and future innovations in the freight business were just as much a topic as the privatization and the expansion of the infrastructure of airports with an outlook on improved competitiveness.

Aeronautics is a growth market worldwide. In order to ensure that Europe’s aviation sites remain

competitive in global competition, growth-promoting conditions are essential. Large infrastructure projects must be implemented in time so that the economy, labor market and tourism have long-term and sustainable growth prospects.

One topic of the event was the influence of airline industry co-workers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Co on their companies.
Blogging and flying – crew members from the cockpit and cabin as possible influencers? / Photo: ITMS Marketing GmbH
Six crew members from the cockpit and cabin of various airlines, who run their own blogs and have a total of 86,000 followers, presented themselves as ‘Influencer’. They dealt with the question whether airlines of flying personnel could successfully use their brand as an influencer. The company’s view on this issue as well as the use of social media in airline marketing was also represented by experts, including Peter Glade, Commercial Director at SunExpress. “Influencer marketing is already part of every good media mix”, so Glade´s statement. Authenticity is the key to success. The extent to which one could and would spread ambassadors over his employees depends mainly on corporate culture, legal framework conditions and the rest of the company’s mediamix. In the future, however, the interaction of the social media channels and the transparency of the Internet will create a serious sales channel. This requires not only fast reaction times from all participants, but Glade will also put many business models to the test. Brexit, US restrictions, crises in the Middle East, Turkey and other regions require the right soft focus.
Changing at a high speed
Looking back at this year’s Aviation Event, Prof. Dr. Adrian von Dörnberg, founder and managing partner of Travel Consulting Group GmbH and moderator of the Aviation Event 2017, notes that business models and general conditions in aviation are changing at a high speed. He calls on those responsible in the aerospace industry ahead of the Bundestag election this year and against the background of the great political challenges with Brexit, US restrictions on air transport and the crises in the Middle East, Turkey and other destinations put. In the coming year there will again be an aviation event with interesting discussion panels under the motto “Changes in German Aeronautics for Airports and Airlines”.
The ,Aviation Event 2018´ will be held on 21 June 2018 in Düsseldorf. jwm

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