Emirates continues to expand flight operations on all continents

Photo: Emirates

Emirates is planning a further increase in seat capacity for its summer schedule, which will be in effect from March 26, 2023. In recent months, the airline has expanded its route network with the resumption of flights to five cities and the addition of 251 weekly departures to existing routes, as well as other service improvements in the air and on the ground.

Adnan Kazim, Emirates chief commercial officer wants to further expand Emirates global route network to meet global flight demand.
He said the fiscal year started relatively quietly because the company waited until the rehabilitation of the northern runway at Dubai International Airport was completed in June 2022 before expanding. From July 2022, the company then expanded steadily. Customer demand was very high and advance bookings were encouraging, he said. They were working non-stop to restore operational capacity as quickly as possible while improving the fleet and product, he added. So far, four of the A380 aircraft have been fully equipped with the new cabin layout and premium economy seats – many more would enter service as part of the $2 billion cabin retrofit program.

Expansion of route network by region:
– Amsterdam: increase from 14 to 19 weekly flights starting April 02.
– Athens: addition of a daily seasonal service to meet summer demand between June 1 and September 30.
– Bologna: increase from 5 flights per week to a daily service starting May 1.
– Budapest: increase from 5 flights per week to one daily connection starting June 1.
– London: launch of a second daily service to London Stansted on May 1.
– Venice: increase from 5 to 6 flights per week beginning March 26, increase to one daily service beginning June 1.

– Cairo: increase from 25 to 28 weekly flights by Oct. 29.
– Dar es Salam: increase from 5 flights per week to daily flights starting May 01.
– Entebbe: increase from 6 flights per week to daily flights from July 01.

Australia and New Zealand
– Emirates nonstop Australia flights to Sydney return to pre-pandemic levels from May 1, Melbourne from March 26 and Brisbane from June 1.
– Brisbane: With an additional daily service, Emirates will offer 14 flights per week to Brisbane from June 1.
– Melbourne: launch of a 3rd daily service to Melbourne from March 26 via Singapore.
– Sydney: launch of 3rd daily nonstop service from May 1.
– Christchurch: Resumption of daily service from Dubai via Sydney from March 26.

– Bangkok: launch of a 5th daily flight from August 1.
– Beijing: launch of daily nonstop service with a Boeing 777-300ER from March 15 and switch to A380 from May 1. A second daily A380 flight will begin Sept. 1.
– Hong Kong: launch of a daily nonstop flight from March 29. This brings Emirates’ service to 14 weekly flights, including the existing Dubai-Bangkok-Hong Kong daily service.
– Kuala Lumpur: launch of a third daily service from June 1.
– Tokyo: resumption of flights to Tokyo Haneda with daily flights from April 2. This brings the number of Emirates flights to Japan to 21 daily flights, including a daily A380 service to Tokyo-Narita and a daily Boeing 777 service to Osaka.jwm

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