The future of the airways

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Flying should become even faster and more environmentally friendly, and more flights will be flown on direct routes in the future and detours will be abolished. In Salzburg, the SESAR INNOVATION DAYS, an EU congress of aviation experts from all over the world, has been taking place from 3-7 December.

Approximately 300 experts from aviation, navigation, computer engineering, natural sciences and engineering attend this international conference, the “SESAR Innovation Days”. They come from many parts of Europe, but also from the USA, Southeast Asia and the Arab world. SESAR stands for Single European Sky ATM Research.

Photo: sesarju

Speaker Olaf Dlugi, chairman of the Industry Consultation Body, a think tank that advises the European Commission on the possibilities and future of aviation, has been a professional pilot for many years. Dlugi says: “So far, there are so-called airways, on which the airmen have to move between fixed crossings. Now this rigid system will be abolished in the future, and a flyer can really fly directly on the respective great circle from A to B. A “great circle “describes in mathematics or geometry the shortest possible connection between two points on the surface of a sphere, in the case of flying on the earth.

New strategies for less fuel consumption and environmental protection

Carl-Herbert Rokitansky, Professor of Computer Science and Aviation Expert at the University of Salzburg: “It’s also about improving traffic flow to reduce delays. In addition, there should be decisive contributions to the shortening of flight routes, so that less fuel is consumed and environmental protection is enhanced. “

The international aviation congress SESAR INNOVATION DAYS will take place in Salzburg this year because Austria currently holds the EU Presidency. jwm

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