About the perfect storm in a new working world

Sees the perfect storm: Thomas Vollmoeller, CEO Xing AG at the economic summit on July 1st in Seeheim/Foto: Gregor Schläger

“In five years, virtual systems will be more important than mobile devices, similar to mobile devices have overtaken the PCs. The power in this new working world will have new talents with their new ideas,” says Thomas Vollmoeller, CEO Xing AG, about the change in the working world. Jobs would be completely redefined by new technologies, the use of robots, Internet of Everything and virtual and augmented reality. It will be the perfect storm.

The global network will create a huge added value and many new jobs. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality generated new techniques with new opportunities. However, the new structure of the working world with robots and artificial intelligence requires completely new skills of employees. All this must at the same time adapt to the demographic change and to the fact that especially the youth attaches much importance to ‘work-life balance’.

Barbara Wittmann, Director of Recruiting Solutions and Member of the Management Team LinkedIn, Bernhard Blauth, Head of Personnel Europe Knorr-Bremse Systems for Rail Vehicles GmbH, Markus Köhler, Senior Director Human Resources and Member of the Managing Board Microsoft Deutschland (from left) at the Economic Summit Germany in Seeheim on July st / Photo: Gregor Schläger

Barbara Wittmann from LinkedIn, Markus Köhler,  Microsoft Germany, and Bernhard Blauth, Knorr-Bremse Systems for Rail Vehicles, described how and how they already live the ‘change’ and work 4.0. At LinkedIn everyone still has on own desk. Homeoffice is possible at any time, but the goal is that the teams are in the exchange office.

Office will continue to be an important exchange site

Also Microsoft Deutschland with 1 100 jobs in the country, offers maximum flexibility. “We have a large new office in Munich-Schwabing and expect that the office will continue to be an important exchange site,” says Markus Köhler. Here we live the culture of Microsoft and work creatively together. “We do not believe that one has to be in the office all day.” Microsoft is exchanging a lot of information via Livestreams between the offices in Munich and Silicon Valley. Important is the communication “24/7”.

Working from nine to five is also not the case with the traditional company Knorr-Bremssysteme, alone through the global locations. Exchange takes place around the clock. Use opinions from all corners of the company and the appropriate clashes with them. It mainly counted the result. One wanted entrepreneurial and also critically critical employees, because one would only develop further, from the knowledge culture to the learning culture. Knorr-Bremse focused above all on flat hierarchies and an exchange across these levels. Everyone has the opportunity to express themselves and make their contribution. It was mainly about who had the best solution to a problem in order to bring the company forward.

Criticism is the first priority

What people are being sought for this new working world? According to Wittman, very important concerning “Hardskills” is, that employees attach great importance to knowledge management and the management of Big Data.

In the case of the softskills, criticism is first because it means being open to ideas. Everyone should be allowed to say something, even against someone who is hierarchically higher. This is ,change management´.

Recruiting and talent management must be a board issue

In any case, companies would need to apply new staff and talents and not vice versa. The classic recruiter role is completely new. It is also no longer sufficed to fill vacancies, employees would have to be ‘bought’ in stock, and with them relationships should be built up and cultivated. Human Resources  Departments need to have technologies that allow an optimal analysis of the candidates, and last but not least: Recruiting and talent management must be a board issue. (jwm)

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