Economic Summit Germany on July 1 at Lufthansa in Seeheim-Jugenheim

Terrace of the conference hotel in Seeheim-Jugenheim / Photo: DA! GmbH

We experience change every day. Can it be designed? What can politicians, entrepreneurs and thinkers do? What can the individual move? Can we look ahead? The answers will be provided by the 2017 Economic Summit, which will take place on July 1 at Lufthansa in Seeheim-Jugenheim. It is under the motto: “Change – shaping change”.

EU Commissioner Günther Öttinger, Julia Klöckner, President of the CDU Rhineland-Palatinate, Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel, President of the SPD Hesse, Anton Hofreiter, Chairman B90 / Die Grünen Deutschland, Gregor Gysi and Klaus Ernst, LINKE Germany, Antje Schubert, CEO of Iglo Germany, Thomas Vollmüller, CEO of Xing AG, Christoph Weigler, UBER Germany, Frank Dopheide, Managing Director Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt and Wirtschaftswoche, just to name a few.

Germany, Europe, the global community, they all face enormous challenges. The keywords are well-known: financial and climatic crisis, digital transformation, war and expulsion, the strengthening of radical forces in society and politics, the dissolution of social ties … These and many other questions are at the center of the German Economic Summit 2017.

Thinkers, entrepreneurs and politicians at the annual economic summit in Germany / Photo: DA! GmbH

Since 2005, the German Economic Summit has been inviting thought leaders, intellectual thinkers, creative thinkers from the worlds of business, politics and society. Far away from the daily business, he offers decision-makers and participants a framework to exchange ideas and develop strategies for the future. It is always about the dialogue between the different groups, in order to create a creative process for the future. The German Economic Summit is organized by DA! GmH from Darmstadt. (jwm)

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