The Aviation Event 2017 comes nearer

Eviation Event. Holm. Frankfurt, den 30.06.2016
Always exciting: the dialogue between aviation and politics – here Cem Özdemir, Federal Chairman of the party Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen, at the Aviation Event 2016 / Photo: Gregor Schläger

The Aviaton Event 2017 comes nearer. If you would like to be a guest at the Gateway Gardens at Frankfurt Airport on May 4th, or just want to spend an interesting day and meet people from the industry, then register at If you register via you get a 15% discount! Your discount code is: AE2017-WM.

The Aviation Event 2017 business platform brings together key players of tthe aviation industry: IATA representatives, airport bosses,

Eurowings CEO Oliver Wagner, Ilja Schulz, President of the Cockpit Association, to name but a few.  Also from the part this time: the Bundestag deputy Klaus Peter Willsch, MdB, CDU and Andreas Rimkus MdB, SPD.

Interesting discussion rounds are announced. Among other things, the Single European Sky, or SES for short, will discuss a unified European sky with almost 30,000 flights every day. The vision is a central air traffic control system that controls it. Its realization, however, still seems quite remote. Is there a danger that air traffic will be “sucked off” more and more by the players of the Gulf region if the SES targets are not reached? Can this be the result of inefficient air traffic management (ATM) in Europe? What can you do about it? At the Aviation Event 2017 for example this will be discussed.

The global airline

Air transport agreements put to the test: Who benefits from the 6th freedom in aviation? Are Antitrust Immunity and Joint Ventures Solutions for the Creation of a Global Airline? Are so-called “cross-shares” in the airline industry a sensible first step? Is the legal avoidance of majority interests in the aviation industry still appropriate? What are the reasons for this? An interesting exchange, across industries, is expected by Dr. Raphael von Heereman, Secretary General and Head of Europe of Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) to the World Federation of the Cruise Industry with Alexis von Hoensbroech of Lufthansa Cargo.

Furthermore, the business model “Cargodrohnen”. How will it change the airfreight business? What are the risks?

Aviation Security – state or better private?

Aviation Security will also be an issue. Prof. Dr. jur. Elmar Giemulla, one of the best-known German aviation jurists, who previously owned a private pilots license, and who has been providing legal assistance to German victims in severe air raids for decades, from the Lockerbie attack in 1988 to the Germanwings crash last year, asks should aviation security be a governmental task or a private one?

Aviation and politics

How important German and European aviation is for politics will be learned in the afternoon. Klaus-Peter Willsch, Member of the CDU, CDU, Arnold Vaatz, Member of the Bundestag, CDU, Andreas Rimkus MdB, SPD, Ralf Beisel, Head of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Verkehrsflughäfen and Ilja Schulz, President of the Cockpit Association, discuss a few months before the Bundestag elections the importance of the German economy and European aviation for German and European politics. What is the significance of it? Is one willing at all to strengthen German and European aviation in the competition – especially against the challengers of golf or against Ryanair & Co?

The impact of social media on the aviation industry

The impact of social media on the aviation industry will also be an issue. Peter Glade, Commercial Director Sunexpress, Max Ohldorf, CCO Swiss Aviation, Matthias Wenk, Marketing Director of Ryanair will discuss it with the bloggers Julia Heitmann, (Pilot A320), Carola Wimmer (Swiss Cabin Crew), Monika Baloghova and Kelsey Johnson (both Emirates -Cabin Crew), Verena Möller (Germanwings Cabin Crew) and Carola Wesselmann (TUIfly-Cabin Crew).

It promises to be an exciting day.

Johanna Wenninger-Muhr

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