Transfer of the victims of 4U9525 begins

150417-Trauergottesdienst-FRA-002The repatriation and transfer of victims of the Germanwings flight 4U9525 to the relatives starts tomorrow, June 9th. To start off the repatriation flights, Lufthansa has arranged a special flight with a MD11 of Lufthansa Cargo from Marseille to Dusseldorf.

The plane will take off from Marseille on 9 June at 20:50 and is expected at Dusseldorf at 22:30. There will be 30 coffins of the victims of flight 4U9525 on board. The repatriation of the victims was initially scheduled for next week. At short notice, however, a delay had resulted due to regulatory requirements. The Federal Government Commissioner for the victims’ relatives had then turned to the authorities and received assurances that preparations for repatriation could be made immediately.
After this first special flight to Dusseldorf, the other victims will be gradually transferred to their home countries in the coming weeks.
According to a Lufthansa Press Release, from June 8 are “The French authorities working hard in order to create the formal conditions for the transfer of the victims as soon as possible. Lufthansa is in close contact with the relatives to ensure that the transfer of the victims is carried out according to the relatives’ wishes” .

Foto: Oliver Rösler

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