Singapore Airlines presents culinary surprises from Germany

German Starchef Johann Lafer cooks for Singapore Airlines/Foto: J. Lafer

A special gag had come up with Singapore Airlines. In order to present the culinary creations of star cook Johann Lafer, who will compose the dishes for  their passengers of the A380 Suites, First and Business Class from October flying from Frankfurt, Munich or Dusseldorf, the airline invited representatives of the press on August 31 to Johann Lafer’s cooking school to Guldental in the Palatinate. Lafer’s message: I want to show the world, especially Asia, that Germany has something culinary to offer as well: more than Sauerbraten, or grilled sausages from Nuremberg with sauerkraut!

Meeting point for the representatives of the press was the Singapore Airlines counter at Frankfurt Airport in Terminal 1. The surprise: the destination this time was not the departure gate, the destination was Guldental in the Palatinate, where star cook  Johann Lafer teaches cooking in his cooking school, named Table d´Or . A tranquil little place, the home of his wife, Silvia Buchholz-Lafer, who had great plans there as a girl at Gasthof Kaiserhof many years ago, which she successfully implemented. Her restaurant ,Le Val d´Or `in Guldental was already awarded with a Michelin star when in 1983, the native Styrian Johann Lafer, then already known as a star in the cooking scene, hired as chef de cuisine in the well known restaurant. Lafer raised the culinary quality of the ,Le Val d´Or´ even further and was awarded with a second Michelin star. When in 1994 the ground lease for the nearby Stromburg in litlle Hunsrück town Stromberg, on which a rustic restaurant had been operated, was re-awarded, the Lafer couple took over the castle. After extensive renovation and reconstruction measures, in 1994 the Le Val d’Or´ was relocated from Guldental to the Stromburg. Parallel to the restaurant the Stromburg Hotel was opened on Stromburg. In the nearby Guldental, Lafer set up the Lafer cooking school Table d’Or in the rooms of the former ,Le Val d’Or´. In the same building there now is also his television and photo studio where productions for Lafers own cooking programs are shot and produced.

In any case, a very original and beautiful idea of ​​Singapore Airlines to present their cooperation with the German star chef to the press. The airline, founded in 1947 as Malaysia-Singapore Airlines, is a member of the Star Alliance. It has been setting standards in international air travel for 70 years and has established itself as one of the most awarded airlines in the world. The fleet currently consists of 112 passenger aircraft, 109 are ordered. The Singapore Airlines route network, with its low-cost subsidiary SilkAir and Singapore Airlines Cargo, has 142 destinations in 39 countries.

‘Alpine Cousin’ aboard Singapore Airlines in First and Business Class from October onwards:

Fresh Salmon marinated with beetroot, sliced chioggia beets, horseradish mousse, limeoil and kaffir lime pepper/Fotos: Johanna Wenninger-Muhr


Fried zander on sauerkraut (Szegedin style)
Boiled fillet of calf on vegetable bed with chanterelles and wasabi sauce









and to top it all: Lafer´s Chocolate Kiss – Tested and found to be very good! – Johanna Wenninger-Muhr

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