The New Customer

“Conventions have to be turned upside down in order to provide the customer with relevant information” says Sebastian Fleischmann, Managing Director of Selligent GmbH/Image: Johanna Wenninger-Muhr

Identify unfulfilled needs, solve urgent problems or simply entertain the customer. This is the new marketing approach, called Consumer First Marketing. It goes far beyond Costumer Relationship Marketing, which has been practiced since the 1990s, and is supported by the latest communication technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality or even holo-lenses. The place of the performance: a loft at the Munich Ostbahnhof in mid-February.

Marketing dominated by marketing schedules and sales targets, is miles away from the interests of today’s self-assured and networked consumers. With this provocative thesis, Sebastian Fleischmann, Managing Director of Selligent GmbH, goes straight to medias res in the sky-blue retro suit and the 1980s Vokuhila hairstyle. Continue reading “The New Customer” »

Eagerly awaited: The Aviation Event 2017 in Frankfurt

Eviation Event. Holm. Frankfurt, den 30.06.2016
The Aviation Event is always an important date for the Players from the Golf too. Lorne Riley, Dubai Aiports, presented impressing figures at the Aviation Event 2016 in Frankfurt/ About 100 deciders of the Aviation Industry and Politicians discussed about Industry 4.0 and its impacts for the Aviation Business und the Society/ Image: Gregor Schläger

On May 4, 2017, the Aviation Event 2017 business platform brings together the most important players in the aviation industry: IATA representatives, airport bosses such as Dr. Stefan Schulte, Fraport CEO and President of the German Federation of Aviation (BDL), Eurowings CEO Oliver Wagner, Ilja Schulz from the Cockpit Association, to name but a few, and politics. With this part of this time: the Bundestag delegates Klaus Peter Willsch, MdB, CDU, Andreas Rimkus MdB, SPD, and Dr. Gregor Gysi, MdB, Die Linke.

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Interesting discussion rounds are announced. Among other things, the “Single European Sky”, or SES for short, will discuss the unified European skies over which almost 30,000 flights travel daily. The vision is a central air traffic control system that controls it. Its realization, however, still seems quite remote. Continue reading “Eagerly awaited: The Aviation Event 2017 in Frankfurt” »

“The good guys of globalisation”

Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr/Image: Lufthansa
Etihad CEO James Hogan/Image: Etihad

Carsten Spohr and James Hogan are unfazed by the growing protectionist mood since Trump´s election. The chief executives of the airline groups Lufthansa and Etihad on February 1st  shrugged off concerns that their industry could suffer from a protectionist backlash against free trade. Both said that aviation deals make globalization possible for other industries.

At an Abu Dhabi press conference to announce a tie-up in catering and potentially other areas of operation, Carsten Spohr, the chief executive of the German carrier, said that the aviation industry “are the good guys of globalisation. We make globalisation feasible for billions of people around the world”.

“We play a very important part in making globalisation positive for as many people as possible beyond aviation itself,” he said.

Etihad’s James Hogan said: “We continue to have dialogues with the GCAA, who in turn have their dialogue with the EU. There are challenges, there’s points of view. What is more important is how does partnership deliver. It’s about connectivity, it’s about jobs and economic contribution. It shouldn’t be about politics.” Continue reading ““The good guys of globalisation”” »