Quality, Efficiency and Innovation

Carsten Spohr, CEO Lufthansa Group/Image: Oliver Rösler

A summary on an Interview with Carsten Spohr by ,Modern Weekly´:

“After Carsten Spohr took lead of the Lufthansa Group in more than two years, the group experienced some major issues from internal integration, route adjustment, Germanwings incident to personnel strikes. In the handling of all these major topics, Spohr always overcame the difficulties from three points, namely quality, efficiency and innovation and led the Group to a new height.” 

In the end of September, the Lufthansa Group has taken the most critical step in China market, as Spohr signed the Joint venture contract with China Airlines. The commercial Joint Venture is scheduled to commence in the spring of 2017. Spohr believes China, the second largest aviation market in the world, has great potential and is very important for the Lufthansa Group. As DNA of Lufthansa, quality doesn’t only mean the excellent quality of services, but also means Lufthansa attention to flight safety. Continue reading “Quality, Efficiency and Innovation” »

Alitalia seeking agreement with Etihad-Lufthansa

Flying higher by the end of the year?/Image: Alitalia

Preliminary negotiations between the management of the Italian company and the German carrier to involve it in a recapitalization of up to €400m. Alitalia’s new route to becoming a high flyer once again could be drawn by the end of the year by taking on board one of the world’s biggest carriers, Lufthansa, which has expressed interest several times in the past eight years.

An Alitalia CAI board meeting, chaired by Luca di Montezemolo, was scheduled at the NCTM law offices in Rome. CAI is the company that combines the 13 Italian partners plus Air France KLM (7.08%) that, through Midco, controls 51% of Alitalia Sai, with Etihad owning the other 49%.
The sexiest company in Europe?

According to the reconstruction by Il Messaggero, the meeting should focus on the plans for the airline’s relaunch, on which work is ongoing as a result of the company’s precarious health. A way out might be identified in the dialogue Continue reading “Alitalia seeking agreement with Etihad-Lufthansa” »